The Christmas Cards are Up!

Oh what a long dreary day in Arkansas! But, my mind keeps wandering to my recently posted Christmas Cards. I haven't sold any yet, but have gotten positive feedback! My favorite is this little foxy feller:

It's a fox who has reindeer antlers and is standing under the mistletoe.... hoping that maybe this year he can find someone to love!

This one has gotten quite a few views too! Pretty little dear with festive antlers. This one comes in red and green too!

For those with a sense of humor (and hopefully not offended by the mixing of holidays), here is a little reindeer whose antlers double as a menorah!
I hope that these little cards sell (they come in sets of 6 cards). Regardless, I am having fun creating these little fellers!

In other news, my chimney is soooo broken that it is going to cost BIG HUGE bucks to fix it. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my savings. Oh well. Everything is going to be fine.


I am wearing an awesome magenta strawberry sweater that makes me look like I am 12, but that's alright!

Happy Friday!

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