my sweet daughter, clue (the office version) and shameless self-promotion

Hello Everyone... All 2 of you!
This morning, I woke up at 5:00 AM in the dot with no alarm clock. I used to have to wake up at 4:00 AM every morning when I worked at Starbucks. You learn a thing or two about being productive with little brain activity when you regularly wake up at such an hour.

Apparently, the skills I acquired while working at this coffee shop still exist, because I do not even remember brewing a pot of coffee this morning. But, somehow I had fresh coffee and a side of cornflakes for breakfast. Quite the Perfect Pairing.
I am so excited about Christmas. And, I am quite partial to my own cute Christmas Cards. I look forward to sharing them with friends and family!  
This one has been popular with my family.
I love this deer. The colors are much more bright in person!

And, of course, I have other prints.

find it on my etsy

 also on my etsy
Let me just say how much I adore my daughter, Violet! She has started talking up a storm! I don't understand a word she says, but I imagine that she is saying lovely things like "My mommy is the best!" and "My life is sooo good!" and of course "My favorite show is the OFFICE!"

Perhaps I am projecting..... but only slightly..... and speaking of The Office


source image:

Do you see what I see? From the moment I saw this on advertised on, I have been gleefully contemplating buying this AMAZING game! What could be better than Clue and the Office together?

Oh, such delightful distraction!Who knows whodunit? Could it be Dwight in the Warehouse with the Dundee! Or, perhaps Angela in the Conference room with the George Foreman Grill!

Did I mention that I am slightly obsessed with this show? And that my husband can quote most any episode verbatim?

Christmas will be good this year!

I want to produce more goodies. Sometimes it is tough to do it all.... work full time, raise a baby, feed my hubby, rescue puppies (my husband told me that I have to stop with the puppies, because I accidentally tried to rescue 2 of our neighbors pets.......)

Until tomorrow.....
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