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the lost week... and pretty pictures
 Sometimes, I feel like the week in between Christmas and New Years's is a lost week. I think back to years past, and nothing about any of the days between the December Holiday's leaves a dent in my memories (except of course my sister's birthday on the 30th!).
  What am I going to do today to make the 28th stand out? I am not sure, but I will let you know what I did tomorrow.
  Here are some pretty pictures to help you get though the day!
(source: wehearit)

Posted by Stacie Bloomfield in artists, decorating


thanks for all the pretty pictures! :D

Posted by CupcakeSniper on June 25, 2014

Funny, this is my favorite part. Christmas yuck is over and I get to think and plan for the new year. It always feels like a weight is lifted from my chest. but maybe it is all the cookies messing with my head.

I like the second picture down, particularly the thing at the end of the bed. It looks like two retro side-tables joined together. I kind of want to try that.

Posted by thedoejane on June 25, 2014

your blog is suuuuuuper cute… and so are you! I’m so glad I found you! xo Enjoy your new years.

Posted by TaMs* on June 25, 2014

So very true about this week. It alludes us all.

i love the “pretty gross” illustration.

Posted by Eustace C. Scrub on June 25, 2014

Your welcome for the pretty pictures! Hope you all enjoy and have a merry lost week!

Posted by Gingiber on June 25, 2014

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