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i know it's new years... but happy valentine's day, and a give-away!
So I have a new print that will be in my Gingiber Etsy Shop tomorrow. I think that a version of this print with some text would be lovely for Valentine's Day....What do you think?
Seriously, I need suggestions on the text... something lovey dovey, but not too cheezzzyy.

I will give a free 5x5 print with the chosen text to the person with the best suggestion! Just Leave your idea in the comments section of this posting! 

This is my first give-away, so hopefully people other than my immediate family will leave ideas! I will take suggestions from this instant until Midnight January 3rd 2010!

-Later Gaters... and a Happy New Year!
Posted by Stacie Bloomfield in holiday, original art


love is in the air

Posted by thedoejane on June 25, 2014

“Sitting Pretty”

Posted by Kylie Larsson on June 25, 2014

hi i think this will be cute i hope its not cheezy!

“every time i see you my heart flutters.”

Posted by jes velez on June 25, 2014

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