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i gave up sugar.......

by Stacie Bloomfield

Ever since I had my daughter, I have struggled with keeping off the last 10 pounds or so.... My brilliant idea? Give up sugar, of course! Big mistake.

I am not going to lie. I have cheated like twice since starting this sugar fast 2 weeks ago. I figured that by cutting out the sweets, the weight would fall off. I suppose my body has a mind of its own.

Today, I am tempted to fall off of the wagon again. Why? Because there is a little bakery really close to my work that sells Cake In A Cup". I know it sounds kinda strange, but the cup is filled with layer upon layer of moist chocolate cake and rich butter cream frosting..... nummnumnum.....

I have cake on the brain. It is permeating my every thought. I dreamed about cake last night.

And, since misery loves company, here are some delicious pictures of cake.
 Go ahead, you know you want some cake too.......

(image source "weheartit")

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