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exhausting weekend

by Stacie Bloomfield / 1 comment

So, friends. My weekend was so full, but I do not have any pictures to show for it (silly me for leaving my camera at home). I traveled to Springfield, MO for the 3rd time in a week, and probably will be taking a break from my road trips for a good long while. I went to a co-workers retirement dinner (and Miss Violet was not such a peach out in public). Yesterday, I had this burst of energy, so I painted my front door, sewed a new apron, and attempted to redecorate my entire bathroom (that one I will have to finish today, but Pictures are coming soon!).

And as always, I did some major internet window shopping, looking, no buying. Here are some of my favorites right now:

This dress from Mod Cloth
This screenprinted poster  from Village (I know it has been featured on all the design blogs and the beloved Domino Magazine for years, but I still want it hanging in my living room).
These absolutely stunning monochromatic plates from Anthropologie.
There is a sale at Jonathan Adler for furniture... It is at times like this I wonder why Jonathan Adler does not just pick up everything and relocate to Arkansas... ya know? We are the classy State...

How was your weekend? Did you go window shopping too?


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  • Anna on

    I want everything in this post. I love that dress and that couch needs to come live with me. I love your blog!! just clicked over from Rachel’s site.

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