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nervous momma

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

 So Miss Violet (my sweet baby girl) has to have tubes put into both of her ears today. She has been constantly sick with ear infections since we put her in daycare back in September. I have to be at the doctor's office at 6:30 AM!
She is still sleeping. I am taking a sick day so that I can take care of her after her surgery. However, I do hope that with this day off I am able to get a few things done (like update my Etsy Shop with 2 new prints and 3 new aprons).
Have any of you ever had tubes in your ears? Your children? What should I expect (I am a bit of a nervous momma today).
Have a lovely rainy day!

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  • bsmithhill on

    My sister’s child has had tubes twice—and both times she was very nervous, but it was very quick and painless, (for the child at least!) Hope Violet is feeling better already!

  • Julie on

    I had tubes in my ears; twice in one. I even remember going to the hospital and thinking how dumb the nurses were—talking baby-talk to me while trying to get me to take the anesthetic which involved a big grey “ballonie” (that apparently only I could blow up, and this was the singular reason, so the nurses thought, I had come to the hospital) and a face mask that smelled of rotting tires.

    Then I woke up, got a fly paper doll, ate icecream, and got to ride in a wheelchair. It was totally awesome.

  • Jenna on

    i am sure Violet will do wonderfully – she’s such a little trooper!

    a P.S. i love, love, love this dress. it’s perfect.

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