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amazing flee market find!
So I found the most AMAZING lamp. He is a brass octopus with the cutest little face!

I think his name will be Henry.

And he will go in this silly little girl's room.
I still do not have a lampshade for him yet. Do you think I should paint him? I really have never liked the look of brass, but this guy could grow on me. 

   Oh, and I made a coke float for dessert.      

Thank you all for your support and advice concerning Miss Violet and her milk allergy. I really felt frustrated and defeated after the doctor confirmed the news. Today I feel invigorated. I am gonna make Violet the best non-dairy food ever.
Until Tomorrow!
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What an awesome find! That would be great in little Violet’s room…maybe you could spray paint him white, or maybe a bright green/teal? I think it all depends on the lampshade, but he’s pretty wonderful.

This inspires me for this weekend, and my trip to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet!

Posted by Amie on June 25, 2014

I LOVE him!! I think I’d give him a nice aqua patina finish.

Posted by waterwaif on June 25, 2014

i feel you should dress him in a shade, and then consider a possible paint job. i don’t care for brass either but once he’s painted, the commitment is final!!

i must call and tell all sometime soon!

Posted by Jenna on June 25, 2014

Henry is AMAZING! I wouldn’t paint him, (I’d give him a wild hat-shade) but you could. hm, green, or teal, or purply…or an opaly white…
I’ll stop my train of consciousness now so that you may get off.

but any way, he’s sooo cool.

Posted by sithere on June 25, 2014

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