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pretty pretty dress

by Stacie Bloomfield / 4 comments

So I finally gave in and bought a new dress. This one is from ModCloth. I have never purchased from them before, and I hope that I am not disappointed! It should arrive sometime next week! Now I am going to do some dream shopping for accessories!


I really never wear jewelry. My last job did not allow it (poor little barista). But now I might dabble in accessorizing. Where are your favorite jewelry sources?

Oh, and the hubster and I are officially exercising....... starting Monday. I am buying a gym membership, and have changed Violet's daycare schedule to accommodate our new habit.... wish me luck!


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  • Sarah on

    How did you like the dress? I absolutly LOVE ModCloth and make it a terrible habbit of shoping there at lest once a month! I love their blogs too, they have some really intresting links. I really love your blog btw.
    Have an amazing sunshine day!
    ::Kisses with Peanutbutter::

  • PaperFlora2 on

    I love everything about those items. couldn’t be cuter in a chic kinda way.


  • waterwaif on

    Oh, those first red shoes are awesome!

    Stop by my blog when you have a sec. I left you a little surprise!

  • Amie on

    Ooh how funny – I just posted today about all the wonderfulness over at ModCloth! I love that site.

    Good luck on the exercising! It’s always best when you have a partner alongside you…you’ll do great!

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