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it is finished (my week that is)

by Stacie Bloomfield / 1 comment

 Oh, can I tell you how incredibly exhausted I am? I worked 60 hours this week on my Healthcare Systems Engineering Workshop. I pretty much organized 22 schools totaling to 75 guests who visited our Department for this special workshop.

I organize entire events. I maintain a website. Yes, I answer the phone and schedule meetings, but I am in charge of all of our finances. I help create budgets. I schedule travel for way too many people. I do a lot. Usually, I am not overwhelmed with this job at all. And, next week, I will feel fine once again.
You know what else is awful, several people complimented me and the event, but all I can dwell on is that once person who was not completely satisfied with my performance during the week.

I used to joke about how I am an affirmation junky. I love compliments, but especially from strangers or people in authority, like say, those who control my paycheck. 

I know.... you all are thinking what a nut-job I am. Yes, I am an emotional basketcase. Sometimes, especially online, bloggers tend to act as if everything is just so sunny and perfect, I guess that is because most of you want to be inspired and have your spirits lifted. Sometimes, though, I just need to be real. 

Some of you know that I have been in a funk recently. Did you know that I have struggled with depression for years? I have good times and bad times. Since I have started this blog, I have been mostly happy. Recently, however, I feel so restless. 

I went to the doctor today to ask about advice for an eating plan. My stupid doctor said that I should either get on the South Beach Diet, or accept my new larger self.... CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I cried a little, which made him uncomfortable. He then asked me if people call me fat often.....  needless to say, I am going to find a new doctor. I do not think it is ever an option to give up on anything, especially your health and wellness. So I guess I still have a little fight left in me, just to show him what is what.

This is what has been on my mind recently.

Sorry it is just ramblings, but I like blogging, and sharing what is in my heart. 

Thanks so much for reading.


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  • cocosparkle on

    Wow…your doctor is an ass!!! You need to run and get another quick.
    I think that some people (like your boss) are unsatisfied with their own performance and don’t know how else to deal with it. So they pass it off on someone else (you). There is nothing worse for your body than stress and it sounds like you don’t need to go on the South Beach DIET you just need to go relax at the beach!!!
    Keep your head up, and remember that YOU know how hard you worked and that’s all you can do!!

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