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it was one year ago today (happy etsy birthday to me!)

by Stacie Bloomfield / 1 comment

 Happy Etsy Birthday to Me!!!!!!!

I remember a year a go, nervously deciding if I should list anything at all on etsy. The online world seemed so daunting, and I felt like I would just get lost in the crowd. My sweet husband encouraged me to just doodle, list some items, and see what happened.

My expectations were too high. I thought people would snatch up my drawings so quickly! It took months before a had a sale. Now, 1 year later, even though I have only sold 33 items, I am fairly happy with the progress I have made.

My 1 year highlights:

  • My first sale: "The Pretty Peacock Print" 
    • One of my prints "Oh, Deer" being listed on Etsy's blog "The Storque" under Etsy Find's: Undiscovered Territory! Check it out here (it is the first on the "related items" list).
    • Being featured AGAIN on "The Storque", this time as the main Mother's Day image!

    • Making new friends online!
    Thanks so much for all of the support, nice faithful readers. Here's to an even more awesome year at my Gingiber Etsy, full of smarter business decisions, better products, and making even more friends!

    Oh, and be sure to come back later for a little giveaway to celebrate this special occasion!

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      • Windsor Grace on

        Congrats! Your drawings are awesome and so cute! Good luck in year 2!

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