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kitchen table search

by Stacie Bloomfield / 1 comment

Tonight we will have finished remodeling our kitchen. Oh, we've been working on it for the past year and a half, but it is totally worth it! I will share pictures of the final product this weekend, once I have my computer back!

In the mean time, I now have an itch for a new kitchen table. The one we have was a hand me down. It is nice, but it used to be a craft table, so the oak wood is covered with glitter and glue residue. Here's an idea of what I am wanting:
I really love the lines on this table and chair set (source)
 oh and I really like this table! my favorite poster is even in the background. Don't mind as I drool over those gorgeous wood floors (source)
I really wish I could just import this room into my home and call it a day... isn't it fantastic? (source)
these chairs (source)
with this amazing table (source)
 or something like this (source)
or something romantic like this.., we hardly have any guests anyways... (source)
i say YES to wall to wall pillows! (source)
I have been hunting garage sales and craigslist for my table, but no luck so far. If you live close to me (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma) and  see a table I would like, hook me up! 
I hope you enjoy the pretty pictures!

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  • Meg on

    love these! i would really like a long wooden table like that one from westelm, but not until we move – it would not even fit in our flat! don’t give up on craig’s list — it took me awhile to find a desk on there, but my persistence finally paid off & i love the one i found! good luck!!

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