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ohdeedoh feature!

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments


I will have more happy fun inspiring posts for you later this week! In the mean time, please celebrate with me, as one of my original goals when I started Gingiber has come true! My Owlphabet Poster was featured today on Ohdeedoh along with several other lovely alphabet posters! I am so excited!

You see, I have always loved, (well, adored is the appropriate word) Ohdeedoh. It is the parenting and kids blog that I most frequent! I have always hoped, neigh, dreamed that someone on staff would visit my etsy shop and feature an item! Now it has happened.

I am such a cheese ball, but this has gotten me so excited!

Tell me something that has gotten you all excited recently, please!


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  • Meg on

    that is amazing!! i would be pumped too!

  • Amy Rose on

    Congrats!! Seeing one of my prints on the front page of Etsy nearly made me pee my pants. Not gonna lie. : )

  • RachelDenbow on

    Well deserved! I was waiting for this myself!

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