sick kiddo equals they might be giants

I wanted to drop by and say hi!

Miss Violet has been a bit sick with a virus, so I haven't had much time to be super duper creative! I was fortunate enough to stay home from work yesterday with Violet, which meant that we watched TONS and TONS of They Might Be Giants Music Videos.

Did you know that they made music for kids? I had always been familiar with their song "Istanbul (Not Constantinople) as my college printmaking instructor loved to play They Might Be Giants during our 3 hour long blocks of class. However, I am quite impressed with the intelligent and educational songs for children.

Take a look at this video called "Roy G Biv". It is quite catchy!

Another favorite is called "The Mesopotamians" but it does say a little curse word, which is surprising for a children's song. Regardless, I would much rather watch these videos with Violet than Spongebob.

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