home ec with rachel, leigh-ann, and courtney

Home Ec with Rachel, Leigh-Ann, and Courtney

Guess who just signed up for her first Home EC Class? Me! My sweet husband knew that I wanted to take the class and gave me his blessing today!

I am so excited. Most of you who read this blog have probably heard of the class already, but just in case you don't know about it:

"If you've always wanted to learn how to use that sewing machine you found at a garage sale or could use a few tips on how to get your button holes to turn out like they should, you should join us for Home Ec, an online class designed to teach you how to enter the land of back stitching and squaring up with confidence. You'll get the skills you've always wanted and resources to become quite the innovative crafter/homemaker/business person/best Christmas present maker ever." - Rachel from Smile and Wave

I cannot wait to brush up on my skills. I have always sewn curtains, reupholstered furniture, made stuffed toys, etc. But I have always been self taught and would really like to add some craftsmanship to my work. Plus, I really am pumped about meeting so many awesome people who are taking this class. I cannot imagine a more friendly, energetic, and positive place to learn and get to know people better!


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