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wanted: new dress for show

by Stacie Bloomfield / 5 comments

I am selling some of my Gingiber Products at a craft show. It is my first show and I am a bit nervous, but firmly believe that a new dress will ease my nerves.

Now, I am a curvy lady, so inexpensive options from ModCloth or LuLu's are out of the question (whimper.... so much cuteness in such small sizes..)

But, I am hopeful that I can find something gorgeous at the Shabby Apple. I recently heard of this shop. Here are my 3 favorites:

I adore how classy this dress is. I love the trench coat feel to it. But, is it too formal for a show?

The color is killer. I think that the skirt and blouse area could accommodate my figure. But, it looks like they are out of my size!!!

I like the color of this dress quite a bit. I can imagine dressing it up with heals, or making it more casual with my flat brown boots and a nice chunky cartigan.

So what do you think?

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  • rockchickhelen on

    I’d wear the Madison Avenue dress if it was me because it’s amazing, I want it! You could make it look less formal with pumps and a casual hair style and you’d still stand out. The colours on the other two are nice but they’re not very interesting otherwise, though to be fair you’d probably look good in any of them. I hope the show goes well.

  • Dominika on

    Cider dress hands down! Love the color and think it would look amazing on you :o)

  • Liv on

    Oh my, they are all gorgeous, but maybe the Cider dress with the boots and cardigan would be perfect for the show. Then after all your success, you can by the gorgeous Madison avenue dress?

  • Meg on

    ooo i really love the third one!! what a beautiful color! that’s my pick :)

  • Hannah B. on

    I vote orange option #3 with the boots! Don’t you dare wear heals… you will die! :) Also, I totally need that first one as well! I’m thinking buy it just because it’s awesome! I can’t wait to hear about the show :D

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