the cider dress is a go!


Thank you all for your advice regarding which Shabby Apple dress to purchase. I chose the Cider Dress.
I rarely post pictures of myself, let alone full body shots, so enjoy it while it lasts!

It arrived yesterday and it is a go! It actually fits quite nicely! I love the color. It is definitely orange, but more of a burnt sienna, which I love!

I am so excited to wear this to my little show next weekend, and to a dear friend's wedding in October. Also, I am really excited to explore some new business opportunities. I have this business plan, but it is too soon to share details. Be sure, though, that if things pan out like I hope that they will, you all will be the first to hear all about it!

Sorry to be cryptic. I am just excited to put myself and my ideas out there and see where they lead.

Gotta go! Be sure to check out yesterday's artist interview with etsian laurageorge.

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