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the stockings are finished!

by Stacie Bloomfield / 6 comments

The Christmas Stockings are finished! Take a look!
I am so stoked about these stockings! I have already sold one and have had several inquiries! I will only be making a dozen of each color, so if you like them, you had better act fast! It has been so much fun screen printing again. Believe me, it has been ages since I have done it, so this was a refreshing reminder of my love for printmaking.
Thanks for reading. I know this week's posts have been a bit "me" centered, but next week will bring a bit more content about pretty pretty decor and yummy recipies.

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  • amber perrodin on

    super cute. I like the green. Good luck with these!

  • Serena on

    With such cute stuff on offer, I bet no one is complaining about “me” centric :-)

  • Gingiber on

    thanks so much for the sweet words everyone! you all make me want to make more pretty things!

  • Lauren on

    these are so adorable

  • angelina la dawn on

    holy cow these are absolutely adorable!

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