the chairs: progress

Remember this inspirational post about my dream dining room table and chairs? Well, I got my fabulous table. Then I began "collecting" inexpensive wooden chairs that I could paint the same color in order to unify the decor.

Can I tell you that I have had the hardest time finding inexpensive chairs? Everyone wants like $40 for a chair? Come on people! If I am going to buy a beaten, old, squeaky chair, the price must be right. Nevertheless, I have found and painted 2 such chairs, with a 3rd waiting in the wings for a nice sanding and paint job.
I decided to paint the chairs the same color as our fireplace to attempt to tie the color schemes of the two rooms together. Plus, I have a good half a gallon of the sagey green paint left, so I saved a bit of money too!

I will keep you updated on my progress!

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