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the tale of the mis-priced dress

by Stacie Bloomfield / 6 comments

Hello lovlies!

I've been M.I.A. for a few days with my husband for a much needed vacation. I will provide you with a proper update of our trip next week, but for the time being, I wanted to share with you the sad tale of the mis-priced dress that I was certain was fated to be mine.

I was so happy to visit an Anthropologie store the other day. I bypassed the racks of beautiful fall clothing, bed linens, even the adorable knitwear for children and went straight for the sale racks. I am a bit of a dress-o-holic (I prefer dresses to jeans anyway of the week) so when I spotted this adorable satin leafy patterned dress, I knew that I had to try it on.

Did I mention that the price was right? $29!!!

The dress fit like a glove, magically thinning my thighs and hiding that dreaded baby pooch. I felt lovely! I loved it so much that I even took a picture just to prove to myself that the dress was in fact flattering from every angle!

I could hardly wait to go to the register! Oh, as I waited in line I imagined the perfect shoes (silver sandels) and the perfect hair (a sweet little bun). When the girl at the register asked me where I was from, I didn't mind making small talk about Arkansas and the "beloved" razorbacks, because I was about to leave the store with my perfect, affordable, Anthropologie dress.

Then it happened. "That will be $85 dollars...." say what?

Apparently, the sale price was accidentally marked $29, when in reality it was $79.

I am pretty sure that the soundtrack of my life at that moment was set to the song, "Don't turn around, you might hear my heart breaking..." There would be no new dress for Stacie that day. Has something like this ever happened to you?

Alright, that's my story for tonight!


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  • Angela on

    ah that sucks!! Sorry :(

  • eef on

    oh no! i’m surprised they didn’t sell it for $29, honestly. i’ve picked up things that were mismarked before and the sales person has given it to me for the price on the tag… but sometimes, maybe, the register doesn’t let them do that or maybe the person isn’t high enough up to make the call… i probably would have pushed just a little to see if i could get it for the $29… but i’m annoying like that.

  • Jenna on

    i swear Urban Outfitters stores lie and wait to mismark things just when i come. It’s happened at least three times. And there’s nothing worse than getting an eye-roll by a girl with blunt cut bangs when you don’t buy it. haha

  • amber perrodin on

    DARN it! and you looked so flippin cute! I’m sorry this happened to you. Perhaps you could watch their web site and wait for it to be marked down. :(

  • Kim on

    that is stinky. i agree with eef…from working for fossil for so long, i know that people DO have the authority to override prices. we always had to do the amount tagged, which i’m surprised anthro didn’t do the same…

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