violet's birthday party

Sunday we celebrated Violet's 2nd birthday, and it was such fun! All of her grandparents were there, as well as her aunt and uncle (and honorary aunt Vicki). The party was full of handmade decorations, homemade cakes (her daddy made 2 cakes!) and so much love for this little girl.

 The Birthday Wreath
 The Precious Birthday Girl
One of the Homemade Cakes, garnished with pretty flowers



 Birthday Bunting (re-used from last year)
 Mason Jar Candle Holders
 Pretty When Lit to say "Violet"
 I made some garlands by cutting up old Anthropologie Catalogs into circles and sewing together (the patterns are so pretty)

 I handmade this felt star garland in pretty colors for Violet's Party!
 Right before we sang "happy birthday" (Violet tried to grab the fire! We all were quite frightened, but Violet did not notice!)
 Mom, Violet, and my sister, Angie
Violet and Chad playing in Violet's new Play Kitchen
 My sweet sister (who is expecting in February) and I in an unusually flattering picture of the both of us!

Thank you all for leaving sweet birthday wishes for Violet over the weekend. She is such a special little lady, and I am thrilled to be her mommy!


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