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painted bookshelf

by Stacie Bloomfield / 2 comments

A few weeks ago, I had one of those days where I felt like my living room was BLAH and unbalanced. I am also in the process of decluttering our "junk room" so that I can have a proper workspace. So I decided to take an ugly laminate bookshelf from said junk room and paint it. I painted the exterior a nice espresso brown, and the back of the case a dreamy blue (the same blue I used on my front door).

Then I took to the web for tips on proper arrangement of pretty things on a bookshelf. Apartment Therapy and Young House Love were the most helpful in helping me pick things from around my house and using them to create a cohesive space (hint: less is more).

The end results were quite nice and the bookshelf now resides in the corner of our living room. I quite like it. Now, it is really difficult to paint laminate, as it chips easily. But I was on a mission to do it. I used paint I already had at home and some sandpaper to try and improve the life of the paint. But who knows! For now, it is just right!

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  • Kim on

    looks great!

  • molly june. on

    ohh! so so pretty. what color’s that pretty blue? i’m in love with it. & where oh where did you find that acorn jar/thingy? :) LOVE! so many q’s..hehe..sorry!

    p.s. i think i’ve said hello before, but if not, HI! i’m one of your creepy blog stalkers. not so creepy anymore though. heh.

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