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handmade display mini tree

by Stacie Bloomfield / 4 comments

Hello! In preparation for my recent show, I decided to build a little wooden dowel tree for displaying my cute little ornaments!

It was super simple! I went to hobby lobby and picked up a thick dowel (inch diameter) to serve as the trunk of my tree, and a bunch of little dowel sticks to be my branches! Then I used the drill attachment on my electric screwdriver and drilled random holes up and down the trunk of my would be tree! Finally, I took a random scrap of wood and drilled a hole in the center of it (inch diameter) to be the base of the tree! I secured the limbs with a dab of wood glue and let them set for 24 hours.

Next, I sprayed the entire tree with silver spray paint (boy was it pretty!). Finally, I used some bendable wire and wrapped it around each branch, so that I could hang multiple items on each limb. and Viola! One cute as can be display tree!

The show is over, so now what to do with it? Well I have  a little nook in desperate need of holiday cheer, so I thought that my new tree could reside there! I grabbed an old filing cabinet from our closet and painted it the same color of silver.

Now with the tree on top if the filing (and perhaps a cute wreath) It will make a nice little entry display.
I still need to decorate the tree with little ornaments, but that is on tonight's to do list!

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  • amber perrodin on

    cute cute cute. :)

  • Nicole on

    SO adorable!

  • Mandy [Mandipidy] on

    You are so creative… that’s such a cute display! :]

  • ness on

    I wondered if you had made that! The wire wrapping is GENIUS.

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