DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

Hello! It is Stacie from GingiberSnap! Recently, I mistakenly purchased some non refundable striped knit fabric, complete with silver tinsel woven into the yardage (tip: always read the entire item description for online purchases, because I never would have bought silver shiny fabric if i had known)! My solution: Make an awesome silvery striped tree skirt to go under my Christmas Tree! I am totally into silver metallic this Holiday Season!

Here's how I made the tree skirt:

1. Trace a large circle onto the knit fabric (I created a perfect circle by folding my fabric into quarters, tying a piece of string to the low part of a pen, holding the string down where the center of the circle would be, and drawing around the center while keeping the string tight. Unfold the fabric, and instant circle!

2. Cut out a small circle from the center of the larger circle using the same method (this will go around your tree base. Then cut a straight line from the small circle to the outer circle.

3. To give the fabric some structure, use the first fabric skirt circle to trace and cut out another skirt from a sturdy fabric. I used some awesome pink felt from the remnants section of my local fabric store. Then pin both fabrics together.

4. Grab some pretty bias tape, and go around the pentameter of the skirt, until all edges are covered. Then run it through your sewing machine.

5. Finally, I decided to applique some simple little felt stars to the front of the skirt. Voila!

Wrap some pretty packages with brown craft paper and paper snowflakes! This definitely adds some much needed pop to my tree!

I hope that this inspires you to make your own version of a Christmas Tree Skirt this season!

Thanks so much, Rachel, for letting me share my holiday DIY with your readers,

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