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gingiber on the storque

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

Howdy! I feel like a zombie with a one track mind: print and package owl calendars! I am so thankful for the business, yet I am longing for a little bit of "creative time" to work on new product for the shop, and ad some much needed content to the blog! In the mean time, I thought that I would share that Gingiber's Pink Stocking has been featured on Etsy's the Storque, with a gift guide curated by Poppytalk! I am so honored!

Happy December, by the way! I need to buy Violet a new winter coat (poor baby was rather cold this morning on the way to daycare).

What's your staple warm clothing for winter?


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  • Meg on

    that is so awesome stacie!! glad to hear your still selling the calendars like crazy! still hoping santa brings me one :)

  • eef on

    all I’ve got is creative time because no one buys my stuff. haha!
    oh well, it’s still fun.

    congrats on the storque feature!!!

    anyhow, my staple warm clothing would be shoes! sheepskin lined mocs make my life so much better!

  • Erin on

    I feel you with the not having ‘creative time.’ I’m making 100 headbands, no lie. It’s a lot of work.

    Hope you find a cute toddler coat soon. Just got Penelope hers. :)

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