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curtain solution

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

A few weeks ago, I lamented about the lack of curtains in our bedroom. Then the craft show happened, and I needed to buy lots of fabric for my backdrop. When the show ended, I was so excited to realize that I had sewn the fabric backdrop just the right size for NEW curtains! 

Unintentional score! right now, I have this rather large (and like amazingly heavy) chalkboard type display laying against my wall.

Nathan has been putting it to good use (note the math jargon that I cannot even begin to explain).

Any ideas what I can do with this chalkboard?


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  • Gingiber on

    Thanks, Ladies! Meg, I used photoshop and illustrator to make my new blog. It is much more “current” than my last blog design!

  • Meg on

    those curtains look perfect there! such pretty colors. i seriously love your decorating style. and i also love the look of your new blog!! did you use photoshop?

  • Leslie on

    Love the new blog! Love the curtains! Love the chalkboard thingy! No ideas of what to do with it, but I’m sure you’ll think of something fabulous!

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