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magazines for christmas

by Aeolidia Team / 2 comments

 No matter how much I adore online magazines, I still miss flipping through a paper magazine while sipping coffee. So this year I am asking for magazines for Christmas! The 4 above are my personal wish list, and all are pretty affordable too!

On a different note, sorry that I have been so quiet this week. I've had a tough couple of days personally. Conflict is difficult, and sometimes I simply shut down in order to process. Rest assured, most everything has been resolved, but I feel uninspired now. I am going to try to refocus, because I definitely want to start out the new year feeling strong. I want to feel like I can be successful on my own terms.

Thanks so much for your support, friends.


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  • becks on

    Great idea about magazine subscriptions as gifts! I’m with you—I love tearing pages out and referencing them later.

    And maybe playing/drawing with your little one might help you feel more inspired. :]

  • Sage Dawson on

    awww…I think you’re wonderful!

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