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Violet's Nursery is on Ohdeedoh today

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

Yippee! Violet's nursery is on Ohdeedoh today! Check out the post here and be sure to leave a comment!

Sigh, the days of cribs..... I miss them so!


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  • Leslie on

    Stacie!! I feel like I’m related to a famous person! All of your decorating and artwork….it’s just amazing! And I totally get you about the crib. Wondering if I moved MK out too soon….oh well, we’re out now, so here’s to many nights of peaceful sleep to all of us!

  • Gingiber on

    Thanks, Les! I am far from famous, but I am pleased as punch to be on Ohdeedoh! How’s MK doing with her toddler bed!

    Susan, yes, I am really lucky that my parents bought me solid furniture as a child!

  • Susan on

    What a great nursery! Love that you were able to use some of your furniture from your childhood. How amazing!

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