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a few photos

by Stacie Bloomfield / 7 comments

So we got a new couch cover.

And Violet likes it a lot.
I think her new outfit goes nicely with the decor.

We tried to take a mommy daughter picture, but violet wanted to put the lens cap back onto the camera. She was done!

Even though this photo of her is blurry, I just love her pleasant little expression! Oh, and Wallace is in the photo too, so it is a great little picture!


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  • Piper on

    Violet is the cutest little girl!
    Got your package in the mail—THANK-YOU!!! I was tempted to go ahead and hang it up while taking down the christmas decorations, but I’ve decided that it will be the first thing that comes out next year!

  • Carly on

    so cute!!

  • Jenna on

    i think at some point there definitely needs to be some “Keisha Hair” going on in a Gingibersnap photo.

  • twohappyhearts on

    what a cutie!

  • Gingiber on

    Jenna!!!! Skype date, please? Yes, we will feature some keisha hair in the near future.

    Thanks for the sweet compliments, everyone! Violet is a cutey patootie!

    Piper! So glad that you got the stocking! I was so sad when I realized that you would not get it in time for this Christmas, but hopefully you can enjoy it next holiday!

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