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the bathroom facelift: progress

by Stacie Bloomfield / 9 comments

Hello! I took last Sunday off, as my mother came into town. We spent the day playing with the kiddo and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee!

However, lots and lots of progress has been made on the bathroom.

I need to tape and paint the top of the walls (everyone hates that part of the paint job, right? We are also thinking about putting a light above the toilet, as this corner tends to get really dark.

We had leftover hinges from when we renovated our kitchen last year, so it was an easy fix!


During (pardon our clutter)

After! Check out those lovely cabinets! They look good as new!

Our new handles are really nice (not the Anthropologie one's I wanted earlier) and were only $2.70 (ish) each! They have nice clean lines, and don't stick out too far from the cabinets, which is nice in a small bathroom.

We are nearing the finish line, folks! I am going to really put my bargain pants on, as my dog, Schroeder, got terribly sick this week, and I used the cash I had saved up for the bathroom to pay for his vet visit.

Just so you know, Schroeder had a series of cluster seizures that lasted 12 hours on and off. He is stabilized now, but can no longer walk in a straight line and seems really out of it. He goes back to the vet for a checkup next week, but it is terribly sad, as he is only 3 years old! I am praying that the new medicine he is on is responsible for the change in behavior. Say a little prayer for my puppy, if you feel so inclined.

Next week I will give you the cost breakdown of what we have spent so far, and what is left to do!


But I like a good challenge!

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  • Jill on

    She’s on Potassium Bromide tablets and Phenobarbitol. She started off on the lowest dosage of the Potassium Bromide but over the course of time we’ve had to increase the dosage and then eventually we had to add the Phenobarbitol.

  • Gingiber on

    Thanks, Jill! What meds does your dog take?

  • megan lane on

    aww your poor pup!! i can imagine that has been hard on you! i will definitely say a prayer that the little guy gets better.

    your cabinets look great by the way! i really like the look of those new handles & hinges

  • Jill on

    Bathroom is looking great!

    I’m so sorry about your pup. I’ll pray. I’ve dealt with a similar situation with my dog. She’s currently only 2 meds to help control hers. Please keep me updated on him.

  • Jill on

    After my dog has had a very severe seizure it sometimes takes her a while to start acting normal again – that was especially true when her seizures first started.

    After she started taking Phenobarbital her behavior shifted a lot. It made her very drowsy and her coordination skills were off big time. It eventually tapered off a little bit, but she still experiences quite a bit of drowsiness for a couple of hours after I give her the medicines.

    When does he go back to the vet?

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