the bathroom facelift: trim has landed

Ahoy mateys! We've been watching episode 25 of Dora the Explorer (it talks about Pirate Costumes) with Violet today. Seriously. The kid cannot get enough of episode 25. I am excited for talk like a pirate day, because Violet is going to nail it!

Moving on, we got the trim up on top of our bead board! It looks awesome!

We also installed new pendant lights. I am still searching for some fixtures to give the bathroom some personality. Pardon my terrible photos. I have had serious issues with noise in this dark poorly lit bathroom.

That is pretty much it for this week's edition of the Bathroom Facelift! Until our toilet thaws out, we are unsure whether or not we will need to purchase a new one.

Any of you photograhy phenoms have noise reduction tips when taking photos in a poorly lit room?

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