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New to Violet's Room

by Stacie Bloomfield / 8 comments

Violet's room has a new addition: this sassy Alexander Henry covered chair. I reupholstered this armchair 2 years ago. I loved the fabric, but honestly the chair has never had a "home" in our home because there are quite a few reds and busy patterns going on in the fabric.

When we lent Violet's old glider to my sister (she just had a baby!) I realized that this little arm chair would be a fine addition to Violet's already funky fresh room!

I must say, the lighting in the room makes everything seem so much heavier and dense, when in reality the wall paint color is much softer and the colors do mesh quite well together. The red fabric on the curtains appears so much more obnoxiously red than it is in person. Take my word for it. Someday I will figure out how to photograph it better. And you will love it.

I think that I would like to add a nice round solid rug underneath the chair and make it a nice little nook for reading books. Don't mind the mess around the room and the clothes sticking out of the dresser. Isn't this what most people's rooms look like on a daily basis anyways?

Violet seems pretty giddy in her new chair!

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  • Moriah on

    That chair is AWESOME!!!!

  • amber perrodin on

    LOVE IT! Though the chair is stunning….Violet takes the spotlight here! She is so darn precious! (and the chair is too) :)

  • Gingiber on

    Amber, thanks so much! Violet is precious! I cannot wait for little Ezmah and Violet to become friends! (it will happen)!

    Thanks, Moriah and Angela!

    Jenna! Violet is so grown up! About the lighting, my camera only has 5 settings for white balance! Not sure how to adjust if further, but I will try!

  • Jenna on

    Violet looks like a little kid! Not a baby! So weird!

    Also, shoot on manual and adjust your white balance cooler or warmer until the photo looks how it “feels” in Violet’s room. It makes a massive difference.

  • Angela Friend on

    That looks so great! The chair and the fabric is fabulous!

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