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Gingiber Loves Consignment

by Stacie Bloomfield / 4 comments

Just wanted to let you know that Gingiber has added yet ANOTHER store to our consignment side of business! We are pleased as punch to have Pink Olive, one of the CUTEST little boutique that has possibly ever existed, carrying a wide variety of Gingiber Products.

Pink Olive is located on East 9th Street in New York City! Looks like this midwest girl might need to make a little visit to the Big Apple in the near future now that I am "bonafide" (you know, Sandra Dee's catchphrase from those quaint 1960's "Tammy and the Doctor" movies).

If you or someone you know might have a shop interested in carrying Gingiber products, simply click the "contact" button located in the top right corner of this blog. We'd love to work with you! You can check out our updated stocklist here.


(All images property of Pink Olive)

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  • ness on

    SHUT UP!

    You are a wonderment. So impressed!!!!

  • desha Peacock on

    What a lovely blog you have! Love your photos, and header and of course, the products! You were so kind to leave a comment on my blog asking what my show was about, which motivated me to add the “about” section. So, thanks!! Also, very timely considering our lesson this week :)

  • Jenna on

    That is so exciting! … and apparently there are flights directly from Branson to New York now … or so I’ve been told.

  • Gingiber on

    Thank you so much desha for commenting! Glad that you’ve added an about section! I will be sure to check it out!

    Vanessa, no YOU are a wonderment! It is so nice to be friends with such a crazy creative lady such as yourself!

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