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Saturday Stamp Making

by Stacie Bloomfield / 8 comments

It is bunny season, with Easter right around the corner. So I decided to have some bunny inspiration and carve a rabbit stamp using a rubber block and linoleum cutting tools (all found at hobby lobby).

It started with a drawing.

Which I then redrew onto the rubber block with a sharpie.

Then I started carving away at the negative space.

Finally I stamped the rubber block into a little ink pad and pressed it onto paper!

Voila! Instant bunny stamp! Normally I would have drawn the original image as a mirror image so that the bunny would be facing the other direction, but this was a Saturday fun project so it was no big deal!

Have a lovely Saturday,


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  • Jenna on

    i love this bunny. His name should be Frankie

  • insideoutjill on

    Cute, cute!

  • Kim on

    really cute! i was just telling my hubby that i want to make stamps. is there a certain section in hobby lobby with rubber blocks, etc?

  • Faith on

    Eeps! How cute!

  • Gingiber on

    It is true, this rubber block is MUCH easier than lino. Much less chance of gouging out a piece of flesh this way (believe me I’ve endured my share of linocutting injuries!)

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