Jewelry Post Featuring Pretty Things by Meg

If you know me in person, you might have noticed that I rarely wear jewelry. My ears are not pierced. The only rings I wear are my wedding rings. I used to wear a pearl necklace that Nathan gave to me the night before our wedding, but a year of constant wear resulted in the pearl disappearing one day!

But, I do have an appreciation for jewelry, especially handmade creative pieces. I really really love all of the items that the lovely Megan Lane of Pretty Things by Meg has in her Etsy Shop. 

Linen Ruffle Necklace in Fuschia

Cherry Necklace

Meg is such a sweetheart. She writes a charming blog, Meg's Musings, which I love to read. It is filled to the brim with warm, bright, and inspiring pictures! We both have white pups that I think could be long lost siblings (Wallace and Magglio should definitely meet!).

Be sure to check out Meg's beautifully curated shop, Pretty Things by Meg! She takes a mean product photo! I mean seriously, I would take a product photo class taught by Megan! She is really talented!

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