12 Weeks & Counting

So be honest, do you want to hear about/see pictures of my pregnancy progress? Because I am now 12 weeks along with this little bean, and sure would love to share what's going on in my life and mind. Honestly, I am hesitant to write too much, because I know some of you don't read this blog to hear about baby stuff. You are probably here because you either like my art, or enjoy decorating, or maybe you just like me? Not sure.

I also like to think of my blog as a bit of a journal. I don't remember much of my time being pregnant with Violet, because I was moving, changing jobs, etc., and never recorded any of what I was feeling. So indulge me, will you, if every once and I while I talk in depth about what's going on in pregnancy land? Please and thank you!

I am 12 weeks along. I think that I am showing a little bit, but my post Violet baby body could be deceiving me (the pregnancy spare tire strikes again!). I am waiting to feel the flutters, and could have sworn 2 days ago sitting at my office chair that I felt a little something twitch. It probably wasn't the baby, but I'd like to think it was! I've only gained 2 pounds, but feel rather gross, as is the pregnant way! I've been toying with the idea of buying an exercise bike to stay fit, but realistically, not sure if I would use it once I got it! Oh, and I have been falling asleep on the couch around 7 pm most nights..... so not the most productive person on earth!

Emotionally, I have been all over the place. I have still small moments where I remember how I felt when I thought I was having twins. I was scared but excited. Sometimes I forget it was a misdiagnosis. Then I reach to touch my tummy and remember that I am barely showing, and that the twin never existed... (thanks ultrasound technician!) I am thankful for how healthy this pregnancy is going now, but sometimes, I mourn the loss of the twin I will never have? Even though it never was there...... I might sound crazy, but that is how I feel.

I am no longer considered a high risk pregnancy, which is a huge blessing! And because of this I have been released from my doctor and will be seeing a midwife! I meet her next week, and she will treat me at every appointment deliver my baby in a hospital (Nathan and I are not prepared for home birth). At this point, I am going to try to have a natural birth, but I might change my mind once I am in full blown labor!

Oh, I cannot wait to show more, and to feel this little one kicking inside of me! I just want to soak it all in this go around.... so thankful for my little one!

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