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Shared Nursery

by Stacie Bloomfield / 2 comments

I feel like it is too early to get too committed to planning the baby's nursery. We won't know the gender for 6 more weeks (even though I am rooting for a BOY!) so making decorating decisions are tough at this point. However, Nathan and I are pretty sure that the kiddos will eventually be sharing a room (the first few months the baby and crib will be in our room).

With that in mind, I have been pinning shared bedrooms on Pinterest like a mad woman, in preparation for D-Day (the "D" stands for" Decorating" in this instance). Here are some of my favorites!


source (not a shared bedroom, but i LOVE it!)

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  • Two Happy Hearts on

    they’re all so beautiful!

  • Moriah on

    Those rooms are amazing! They’re so gender neutral, I think you could start decorating now. ;) We’re doing the same thing with Josiah and Lucia; they’ll be sharing a room eventually, but for now we have a cradle in our bedroom for when she’s a newborn. We plan to transition her into the nursery with Josiah when she starts sleeping through the night. Exciting!! :)

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