Look Who Has Waves!

Look at this girl! I turn my head for one minute, and she goes and grows up into a little kid, complete with blonde waves a big dose of sass!

As a mother, I am constantly surprised by the little changes in Violet's development. For instance, now on the way home from school, she talks about her friends and teachers, tells silly jokes, and sings her favorite songs! It feels like yesterday she could barely take a wobbly step with her chubby little feet. Now those same feet are a few sizes larger and have to have the perfect pair of shoes on to start the day, usually her pink "quip quops" (flip flops).

Seeing Miss Violet grow up into such a strong, smart, sweet girl makes me all the more aware of the role that I play in her life. I am her caregiver. I am usually her friend and confidant, but a lot of the time I am her disciplinarian, correcting her when she makes a mistake, but immediately showering her with love and forgiveness. She is constantly watching my every mood, from the gestures I make with my hands when talking, to the tone of my voice when talking to the dogs.

What am I trying to say? The older my daughter gets, the more I can see myself in her. And I simply want to be a better momma so that she can grow into the best Violet she can be.
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