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Catch All Inspiration

by Stacie Bloomfield / 6 comments

I need a good, designated catch-all area in my home. Ya know, because by the end of the week, the kitchen table, mantel, bookshelves, and any other flat surface becomes a breeding ground for clutter. 

I especially love this inspiring table area from Living Etc. The splashes of yellow are perfection, and it is a bit of organized chaos, which is always welcome in my home!

How about you? Does your home have an entry table or some other nook that serves as a "catch all"?

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  • Erin on

    I think my entire house is a ‘catch all.’ Ha.

    We just moved into a new house so I’m trying to figure out the same thing. There’s a cute little bar top right when you walk into our house so I’m trying to figure out how to make that all work for us. I thrifted a cute little wall hanger for mail. I’m sure I’ll use that.

  • kittykerri on

    It seems like some weeks my whole kitchen table becaomes my “catch all”.

  • Formerly.Lisa.S. on

    That is an amazing space! We have a small house, so our “catch all space” is more like the entire first floor, with a little bit overflowing upstairs and down!

    I’ve just started a “basket system” in our kitchen to help my son put his things away when he gets home from school. Other than that, I’ve just never found the right thing to contain the mess! I’m going to follow your progress, cause at the point I’ll take any and all ideas!!

  • Gingiber on

    Megan, I am right there with you. I don’t have a space large enough for something as grand in this picture, but I really want to try and make it more organized!

  • megan lane on

    we are definitely in the same boat over here!! unfortunately, we don’t really room for an area like this. one day!

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