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Nothing Says I Love You Like Cherry Pie

by Stacie Bloomfield / 2 comments

Today is my 5th wedding anniversary to my sweet Nathan! Seeing as how it is the middle of the week, and both Violet and Nathan have a nasty virus (boo fevers!), I had to stay home from work to care for the both of them!

So, in my attempt to make our day as special as possible given the circumstances, I baked a yummy cherry pie for us to snack on! I used a recipe from the most recent Martha Stewart Living Magazine (couldn't find the recipe it online?). Straight forward and absolutely delicious!

Now I am trying to avoid getting sick myself! I think Nathan and I will go out next week to celebrate our anniversary :)

How's your day going?


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  • Amy Rose on

    That looks so yummy!! Happy anniversary and I hope your loves get better soon! My hubby and i just picked some cherries together last week and are itching to make something yummy as well! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • megan lane on

    awe happy anniversary to you two!! that pie is so pretty! hope your fam feels better soon!!

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