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Bright Color

by Stacie Bloomfield / 4 comments

I really love this living room! It has a lot of the colors that I have in my own living space. I am lacking throw pillows, and really love the floral pillows on this couch and rocking chair! Plus the mixing of wood tones in that dresser against the dark teal wall is faboosh!

I could go without the silverware curtains, though!


  • my latest obsession on

    I love these colors! And that teal wall, I want one!

  • Emily C. on

    Shockingly, I think those curtains go perfect in that room. Even still, I love this room! Who would have guessed all those colors could look so cohesive with the basic white couches and wood furniture.

  • Jenna on

    you can give the silverware curtains to me. They. Are. AWESOME.

  • fi on

    wonderful, if only the designer could come round and decorate my house, that would be a winner!

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