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Apron Love

by Stacie Bloomfield / 4 comments

Okay, I have a little soft spot in my heart for a pretty apron. I have accumulated probably 8 over the years, and had to stop myself from purchasing more because it wasn't becoming practical!

Recently, I decided to hang up 3 of my favorite aprons next to my kitchen. They add some bright color to my chalkboard walls. They are so cheery, and make me want to bake some pumpkin bread or a nice fruit pie!

Do you wear aprons when you cook too?

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  • megan lane on

    so pretty! i do wear an apron most of the time when i cook cause i am pretty messy. i also have my favorite aprons hanging up in our kitchen. i just recently picked up a vintage one when we went on our anniversary trip :)

  • Ness on

    I DO! I put on an apron when I need to clean the house…makes me feel like I’m putting on my uniform. I have worn some aprons out, but they really are practical for me since I am hard on my clothes when I am cooking and cleaning. Robb likes to remind me to take off my apron when it is time to sit down to a nice holiday meal…he doesn’t want me to look like a maid in the pictures, I guess. : )

  • embracetheapockylypse on

    I don’t always wear them, but I do love to wear them when I bake. I have a few that an aunt made for me, but I might make myself one once I get my sewing machine set up.

    I was thinking of baking a cake soon (once we get all the holiday cookout pies eaten), so I’ll have to pull out my favorite apron & wear it to make this cake extra special! :)

  • Gingiber on

    Vanessa and Megan, we are kindred spirits! I wish I could gather all of my favorite people together for an apron wearing good food cooking party! We’d all look so cute!

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