A Checklist & A Pillow

So I was rambling to Nathan about how I have a MILLION things to do but can't seem to get anything done! That is when my wise (and handsome) husband asked why I hadn't simply made a checklist of goals, then get through them one by one.

Did I mention he is brilliant? Tonight's list had 4 items: make chili, hang curtains, sew a pillow, and blog. Check all of these off of the list, because my family is fed, the curtains are up, and I am blogging about said pillow :)

I sewed this cute envelop pillow cover, featuring my "Beloved" doodle printed on the front, and a lovely buffalo plaid pattern on the back.

I cannot wait to put this little pillow on Violet's bed tomorrow! We just put a twin sized bed in her room, and I get to make lots and lots of cute little pillows now :)

p.s. In case you are interested, I will be selling these pillow covers in my shop beginning in the fall ;)
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