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The Birthday Cake

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

Yesterday my husband turned 27. His only request? A chocolate cake with butter cream frosting.

So what did I make him? Only the best cake I have ever had the privilege of baking: A chocolate fudge cake with butter cream filling and a chocolate ganache frosting :) With just a little raspberry garnish for color.

I used this recipe from the Food Network. It was amazing! I mean I really can be critical of my own cooking, but by golly if this wasn't the most satisfying piece of cake I have ever had! We still have half of it left...

Good thing baby is hungry :)

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  • apockylypse on

    That looks absolutely yummy & beautiful! Nice job. Makes me want a piece of cake now…

  • megan lane on

    oh my gosh, that looks and sounds amazing!! nice work!! hope you had lotsa fun celebrating your hubby’s birthday!

  • Sarbear on

    That looks perfectly simple and delicious. I’m sure it tastes amazing.

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