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Gingiber in DIY Magazine

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

Guess what! Gingiber had it's first EVER mention in a print magazine! My Turquoise Owlphabet is on page 92 of DIY Magazine!!!!!

How did this come about? My work is sold in the brick and mortar shop, Domestica! A few months ago, some people who were having a room featured in DIY Magazine went shopping at Domestica for artwork, and they picked up my little print! I knew that there was a chance that the Owlphabet might make it in the magazine, but until yesterday I didn't know for sure!

I am a happy little clam :)


  • Sarah Atchison on

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  • Ness on

    catching up on blogs today.

    SO proud of you, my friend! You are so talented and on trend. I know how hard you work, even though you make it look easy. Congrats from somebody who understands how big this is!

    (and where can I buy a copy?)

  • Sarah on

    Congrats Stacie! What great news.

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