23 Weeks Pregnant

Hello friends! I am 23 (and a few days) pregnant now, and am feeling like I am in full bloom!

I decided today was the perfect day to where my Giant Dwarf Rosette Fascinator. With my green dress, I feel like a flower :)

Recently, aside from getting bigger all over, I am really starting to connect more with my little girl. I feel her squirming inside me, and I love it! I realize that I only have a few more weeks left in this 2nd trimester, and need to get moving on a few projects for baby. We need to get a new pack'n'play, finish her bedding, and buy her some outfits (I only have 1 onesie for her right now, and Violet has been sleeping with it like a blanket)!

Next week we have another ultrasound, and hopefully some of the pregnancy concerns that my midwife has had will have cleared up!

p.s. Sorry for the boob shot in the 1st pic family and friends who read my blog :). See I really am in full bloom.....
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