My Saturday Morning Reflection

 Morning Reflection by honeytree

Wow. It is only 6:15 AM on this Saturday morning, and I have been up for over an hour! Sometimes having an early riser for a daughter is difficult on this momma!

So far, I've already made cinnamon toast with the kiddo, eggs, and some much needed half-caf coffee. And I totally wish I could have another cup, darn you 12 ounce caffeine limit per day! Thank you, my dear, wonderful, green ceramic mug. I cherish every sip I take from you.

Today, I am gonna let Violet watch all of the Strawberry Shortcake and Pink Panther cartoons she desires, because frankly I don't have it in me today to argue with a 2 year old about the importance of diversifying her day's activities... do any of you moms out there feel this way sometimes?

On my list of to-do's today:

  • Work like a mad woman on La Petite Magazine Issue 5
  • Prepare 6 silhouette chalkboards so I can list them in my shop
  • Finally fix the bead board under the counter of my bathroom
  • Replace the glass back door that has been shattered for the past month!
Wait.... most of the things on this list are for Nathan to do. I will pretty much be magazining it up all day :)

What's on your Saturday to-do list today?

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