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Dear Blog.....

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

Dear Blog,

I feel like we have a very hot'n'cold kind of relationship going on. You see, I love writing on you. I get a bit tingly with excitement every time I see a new comment on one of your posts. I gulp with anticipation every morning I check my feedburner statistics to see how you are growing.

And yet, somehow, I just don't have enough time to give you all of the gentle loving you deserve......

I seem to have ideas for new blog posts and plans to update my blog roll. But, then quitting time at my day job rolls around. I get home, make dinner, give into the curse that is pregnancy television coma, and somehow loose the will to blog.

I forget to take pictures before it gets dark.....
My grand ideas for a vlog are as elusive as a candle in the wind.....
And if I were to post all of the recipes that I cook on a regular basis, everyone would realize that I essentially live off of spongebob mac n cheese....

I digress.

Little blog, I wholeheartedly plan on attending to your needs soon. Please forgive me? I'll buy you a pony!

Yours truly,

Big Momma Bloomfield

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  • aPearantly sew on

    This makes me laugh :) And makes me nod in agreement! My blog is quite neglected as well. I’m like you…I have ideas and inspiration, just not the time to see it through.

  • Kim on

    We’ll be here when you get back! Summer IS a hard time to keep blogging and I can’t even imagine doing all that you are right now with a wee-one on the way.

    Good luck and stay sane ;)

  • City Life to Ranching Wife on

    Too funny!
    I’m finding that summer makes it very hard to blog daily…I want to be outside in the sun!

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