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Pregnancy Craving: Maple Anything

by Stacie Bloomfield / 3 comments

Maple has been on my mind. I have these vivid memories of a Maple Strussel Muffin that Starbucks served around 2006 to accompany their Maple Latte. The latte was a total dud, but by golly if I don't dream about that slightly nutty, extremely buttery, cakey muffin wrapper of heaven on a weekly basis!

I went a-searching for a recipe similar to the aforementioned Starbucks Maple Muffin on Pinterest, and found myself in the midst of a Maple-palooza!

  1. Maple Cupcakes
  2. Pumpkin Souffles with Maple Pumpkin Ice Cream
  3. Maple Cake
  4. Maple Fudge

I find myself in awe of these photographs. How does one make food look so mouthwateringly decadent? Must look away from the screen.... I think I gained 5 pounds via food lust ;)

(p.s. you can follow me on Pinterest, if you feel like it!)

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  • Christina on

    Oh wow, those all look delicious!! Off to look at your pinterest…:)

  • Sarah B. on

    That all looks soooo drool-worthy :)

  • Faith on

    My husband is a fan of maple as well! There is a place we visit every summer that has maple milkshakes made from syrup that they tap on their land.

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