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Chair Upholstery Progress Report

by Stacie Bloomfield / 6 comments

So I finally mustered up enough strength to remove all of the fabric from the armchair for the girls' room. Actually, Nathan helped me, because it takes a lot of strength and tugging to remove staples and fabric from a chair frame.

Poor boy, all of the dust from the chair made him have a MAJOR allergic reaction. Runny nose. Swollen eyes. Wheezing. But he is okay.

Check out the original fabric for this chair!! I soooo wish that the outer portion of the fabric had not been removed. This pattern was wicked. Reminds me of a chair from Anthropologie.

Now I have most of the yellow fabric on. I ran out before I could cover the left side of the chair and the cushion. Honestly, not my finest upholstery work, but I think it will look mighty fine once it is all put back together.

Soon it will be finished.

Tonight, though, my hand is finished from all of the stapling.... muscle cramp :(

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  • Rae Veda on

    I love this diy. I have some chairs I need to recover. I’m so excited. I have so many diy projects I want to finish in the upcoming weeks. So fun! xo, rv


  • Hannah B. on

    I am so super impressed! I’ve been thinking of learning to reupholster because very soon we will need quite a few chairs done, but I’ve been way to nervous. How did you learn? Is this your first project?

  • olric on

    Hey! I’m new here but loved your blog very much! Want to see the result i hope your hand will be better soon!


  • Ms. Megan on

    It is looking good!!!
    I love that soft shade of yellow!
    Very sweet!

  • Sarbear on

    I think that yellow fabric will look lovely. I admire your reupholstering. I’ve never taken on such a big project. Can’t wait to see the final results.


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